“Stepping Into Yourself & Sharing Your Brilliance”

What is this workshop series and who is it for?

It is a workshop series specifically designed for women aged between 35-50.


What can you expect to find in it?

safe-supporting-open-accepting space where you could experience a feeling of deep connection, togetherness with your group. Some laughter and joy, as well as ups and downs for growth. Within a context, supported by exercises, group work, and activities, the aim is to offer you the opportunity to “Stepping Into Yourself” and “Sharing Your Brilliance”.



I believe transformation, growth, awareness and manifestation take time. Therefore, the program is designed to spread over a period of time. This way, you are given the opportunity to deepen your learning between the modules. Throughout the series, you will be part of a group who will support each other along the way.

The series is comprised of following modules:

  1. FindingYOU
  2. ExploringYOU
  3. BeingYOU
  4. CreatingYOU

The duration of each module is between 6 to 10 weeks, based on public holidays.

We meet every week for 3 hours, for the duration of every module. There are daytime, evening, weekday or weekend groups. Please sign up with email below to follow up announcements about new dates.


Can you tell more about the modules?

FindingYOU, is about looking at yourself from different perspectives, sometimes through the eyes of others in the group. This way you may start remembering who you really are, and may start bringing into light the parts of you that you’ve forgotten. It is intended to be a time to welcome and celebrate these parts and have a sense of “coming together” into ourselves like a newfound beautiful land….

ExploringYOU, is about going out into the world with these new discoveries about yourself. It is about being aware of who you are in your daily life. Learning where you are your real self and where not? Where you compromise yourself? Where you honour yourself? This phase is about awareness. It is also about connecting, making friends with the group, as you discover yourself.

BeingYOU, is about, being the true YOU. The more your newly discovered parts sink in, the more you may see the real you in your daily life. At your own pace, this is a phase, where you start showing up as your real self more and do this boldly and courageously. A phase, where being who you are feels OK; just the way you truly are. It is like having different lenses to look at life, or sense and live it – which takes reference from inside of you. This is a new place, rooting inside you and spreading out into your world.

CreatingYOU, is about how this new YOU wants to live? Once you are comfortable in being your true self, what’s possible now? It is about exploring the new possibilities available to you from this new place. And start creating it with confidence and a sense of ease, again at your own personal pace while being supported by your group.


What might await you afterwards?

It is most likely that you may feel a sense of wholeness, coming together into yourself, more space, clarity, more possibilities, be more optimistic, feel more capable and resilient. Possibly, a sense of YOU feeling responsible for yourself and that YOU are creating your own life. A sense of deeper connection with yourself and others. Ease in daily life. And being more joyful.

Most would feel; that a more connected, fulfilling and meaningful experience with yourself and others is possible. Being able to choose your likes and dislikes and create from there. A sense of enlarging may be your feeling. A more balanced feeling of giving and receiving. Wanting to share/give more or have a balance around this depending on your earlier experience. Start living with the feeling that there is an immense and everlasting resource, your own power, that is available to you at all times, and that which supports you in moving forward meaningfully.

At the end of the day, most importantly, what you get out of it is based on what you put into it.